Personalised Transition

Author: Alison Cowen, with additional material and editing by Simon Duffy & Pippa Murray.

The Centre for Welfare Reform, in association with ibk initiatives, has published an evaluation of a new and radical policy innovation in Sheffield which gives young people with disabilities and their families a totally new level of control over their life after school.

Personalised Transition was commissioned by the Yorkshire & Humber Region and describes a radical new reform of public services. The report describes and evaluates the success of a new model of personalised transition to help disabled children leave school and move into adult life. But the implications of this reform go much wider, suggesting the possibility of radical reforms in health care and education.

Developed in Sheffield by Talbot Specialist School, in partnership with Sheffield City and NHS Sheffield, this model is the most radical form of personalisation in the UK. 

The model was first implemented in 2007 and is now being extended across the whole of the City meaning:

Read and download the free pdf in your browser here.

The publisher is the Centre for Welfare Reform.

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