Personalised Transition Journal Article

Authors: Alison Cowen, Pippa Murray and Simon Duffy

Personalised Transition demonstrates how a collaborative approach to funding individual budgets for disabled school leavers with complex needs in Sheffield has led to more positive, individualised outcomes for the young people and their families.

This journal article outlines the key elements of what is still the most radical version of personalisation in the UK today - integrating health, education and social care funding.

The publisher is the Journal of Integrated Care.

Personalised Transition: A Collaborative Approach to Funding Individual Budgets for Young Disabled People with Complex Needs Leaving School © Alison Cowen, Pippa Murray and Simon Duffy 2011.

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Paper | 20.09.12

children and families, education, Family Leadership, Inclusive Education, England, Paper

Pippa Murray PhD


Director of IBK Initiatives

Simon Duffy


President of Citizen Network

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