Education For A Better Tomorrow

Authors: Heidy Tatiana Araque Sierra and David Towell

In this important paper the authors explore the relationship between the education system and the emerging challenges of the 21st Century. They propose that teachers, children and the wider community must begin to explore a very different role for the educational process.

This challenge is explored from the perspective of one particular community, Palmira, Columbia. There children, teachers and families are asking some different - more useful - questions about education:

  1. What might a sustainable and inclusive future look like in Palmira? 
  2. What would students in this generation need to learn in order to create this future?
  3. How can teachers & their allies bring about the transformation of today’s schools to promote this learning?

The authors suggest that the goal should be to secure health and well-being for all in our communities in the context of a world which is threatened by human greed and environmental damage. A central principle of this work must be to link together the values of sustainability and inclusion:

Human life also thrives on diversity when we ensure that difference is welcomed and everyone is encouraged to contribute their distinctive skills.

The authors argue that the future demands active citizens with different skills, working collaboratively and creatively to find sustainable solutions to 21st Century challenges. School presents an enormous opportunity - but current education systems do not reflect the reality of this challenge.

Yet, a new way forward is possible, and together the people of Palmira are beginning to explore it.

The publisher is the Centre for Inclusive Futures.

Education For A Better Tomorrow © Heidy Tatiana Araque Sierra and David Towell 2013.

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Paper | 18.09.13

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