Teachers as Leaders in the Journey to Inclusive Schools

This paper written by David Towell and Heidy Araque offers a framework for thinking about the issues to be addressed in plotting the journey to inclusion.

Authors: David Towell and Heidy Araque

Last year the Centre published Advancing Inclusive Education For An Inclusive Society a short report from David Towell and his Colombian colleague, Heidy Araque on their Spring journey through four countries of Latin America (Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Colombia). 

During this journey the authors explored how these countries were implementing ‘Education for All’ especially in the light of the call in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled People (Article 24) for an inclusive system of education at all levels.

David and Heidy have now produced a follow-up pamphlet focusing on Teachers As Leaders In the Journey To Inclusive Schools. This aims to provide a set of tools for teachers in their schools to come together with school administrators, parents and students to plot their own route to ‘Education For All’. 

The publisher is the Centre for Inclusive Futures.

Teachers As Leaders in the Journey to Inclusive Schools © David Towell and Heidy Araque 2012.

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Paper | 22.05.12

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David Towell


Director of the Centre for Inclusive Futures

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