Fulfilling Potential?

Author: Catherine Hale

The Government's 'reforms' to Incapacity Benefit have been ineffective and harmful. In this significant report Catherine Hale explores the experience of a key group of disabled people who have been slotted into the 'Work Related Activity Group'. The findings are powerful and shameful.

Instead of moving people closer to work people are now less likely to find work and more likely to be anxious and fearful. People are being sanctioned for failing to carry out tasks that their disability makes impossible. Common sense has gone missing and instead people are being offered no sensible support. Instead of recognisng the objective barrier created by disability, illness and an inaccessible labour market the system continues to blame disabled people themselves for their worklessness. 

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The publisher is Mind and The Centre for Welfare Reform.

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Paper | 12.06.14

disability, nature & economics, social justice, tax and benefits, England, Paper

Catherine Hale


Founder of Chronic Illness Inclusion Project

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