Working on the Inside

Kate Fulton offers insight into the inner dimension of change that is essential to working respectfully and with compassion.

Author: Kate Fulton

Kate Fulton has been one of the leading practitioners in person-centred planning and individual service design. But she has been reflecting on why so many good processes can, in the end, add up to so much paper and wasted effort. She began to realise that meaningful change does not come from processes - it starts on the inside. 

In her latest publication Kate explores some of the things that we must each take responsibility for in our work and in our efforts to help others:

Be present - focusing attention on the here and now

Check your intention - ensuring we see the meaning of our efforts

Explore your beliefs - don't let false or unhelpful beliefs hinder your understanding

Be positive - attitude shapes everything and opens the door to positive change

See possibility - creativity is not rooted in the actual, but the possible

Understand your impact - be someone who brings out the best in others

Today we are aware that the failure to act with compassion leads to the miseries and tragedies we see in services, care homes and hospitals. Yet if we approach this lack of compassion as one more technical task to be achieved by yet another procedure, handbook or planning process we will never manage to awaken the real spirit of compassion. We will simply further burden people with bureaucracy.

Kate's latest publication is not another process - it is a call for a deeper understanding and offers real insight into how to reach it.

Our friends at Open Future Learning have also worked with Kate to make this an online module for you to explore this thinking in an interactive environment.

Read and download the pdf in your browser here.

The publisher is the Centre for Welfare Reform.

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Kate Fulton


Member of Citizen Network Osk

Kate Fulton


Member of Citizen Network Osk

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