Reflections on Common Threads

Author: John O'Brien

With contributions by Susannah Joyce, Lynda Kahn, Mary Kovacs, Julie Malette, Judith McGill, Julia Niimi, Connie Lyle O’Brien, Jack Pealer, Jack Pearpoint and Michael Smull.

Approaches and Contexts for Planning Everyday Lives

This paper sets out learning following a conference sponsored by The Ontario Independent Facilitation Network in partnership with The Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario in April 2014. John O'Brien explains:

The conference composed portraits of person-centered work. Everyone who attended had the chance to expand their understanding by exploring different practices, hearing various accounts of history and lessons from application, and undertaking personal and small group refections on the hopes and meanings attached to doing the work. The pictures that emerge express rich and interesting variety. Each person had her or his own opportunity to engage in conversation and personal reflection in order to make sense of that variety and identify common threads that show up throughout their particular picture.

These reflections express what showed up for me as I listened to friends and colleagues speak and engaged in conversation with fellow conference participants.

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Reflections by John O’Brien, 2014.


Paper | 22.06.14

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