Self-Direction Worldwide

Lynn Breedlove observes the competing conceptions of self-directed support emerging around the world.

Author: Lynn Breedlove

Lynn Breedlove writes in the Summary to his paper:

People with disabilities, older people and their allies in many countries around the world are working hard to make self-direction a reality. We are all at different stages in this process and our strategies reflect the different cultural, political and economic realities of our respective countries.

However, we face similar challenges, and strategies that have worked in one locale may be applicable elsewhere. In other words, we can learn from each other. So it’s worth the effort to notice our commonalities, our differences, our unique or shared accomplishments, and lessons learned that we can all build on.

This paper is intended to contribute to that global dialogue. It includes: different definitions and terminology for self-direction, critiques of the systems that preceded self-direction in various countries, prevailing values and principles of self-direction around the world, contrasting views regarding the link between self-direction and community participation, and examples of a wide variety of supports available to people in different locales designed to enable them to successfully self-direct.

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The publisher is the Centre for Welfare Reform.

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Paper | 17.02.20

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