Good Practice in Personal Budgets

UNIC project describes global best practice in Personal Budgets and user-centred funding models.

Author: Konstantina Leventi

The publication of this paper is within the framework of the UNIC project, “Towards user-centred funding models for long-term care.”

The aim of this document is to build solid understanding of user-centred funding models for long-term care and support (LTCS), with a particular focus on personal budgets. It provides an overview of promising practices on the implementation of personal budgets (or similar user-centred funding models) in Europe and across the world. However, it is important to note, that this report also acknowledges some of the weaknesses of these practices and suggests on improvements that could be made.

The report starts with defining the key concepts used in this paper and introduces the methodology followed to identify the existing promising examples of user-centred funding models for LTCS. 

It then continues with describing the different models of promising practices in user-centred funding together with a description of the current legal framework in each of the countries where these models exist. 

The last part of the report draws conclusions, highlighting elements in user-centred funding systems which require improvements and relevant actions to approach these challenges.

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Paper | 03.03.22

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