SDS Network: Individual Service Funds (ISFs)

This webinar focuses on an important innovation - Individual Service Funds. This is a way in which people can have a personal budget but can choose a person or organisation to manage that budget with them. This helps people get better, more flexible and more focused support.

In this webinar Chris Watson, an expert in commissioning, Gary Kent, who runs New Key, a small community support organisation and Jacqui Hendra describe how Individual Service Funds (ISFs) work in practice. 

If you want to find out more about ISFs please contact Chris Watson.

Slides from Chris Watson:

Slides from Gary Kent and Jacqui Hendra:

The webinar was recorded on 12th June 2020.

Webinar | 16.06.20

Individual Service Funds, Self-Directed Support, England, Scotland, Webinar

Chris Watson


Founder of Self Directed Futures

Gary Kent


Director of New Key (KPW) Ltd

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