SDS Network: Developments in Scotland

Keith, Danielle & Debbie describe the development of self-directed support in Scotland.

The Second Webinar from the SDS Network provides an overview of the development of self-directed support in Scotland. The webinar was hosted by the project lead for the SDS Network in Scotland, Keith Etherington of In Control Scotland.

In the first part of the webinar Keith Etherington describes how self-directed support developed in Scotland.

In the second part of the webinar Daniella describes her experience of using self-directed support and how she has benefited from some of the different options in the Scottish system and what she has learned since she started.

Debbie described her family's experience of self-directed support, the growing independence of her son and the support that has worked best for the family over the years.

Keith's slides from the webinar:

Daniella's slides from the webinar:

Debbie's slides from the webinar:

Webinar | 13.05.20

Self-Directed Support, Scotland, Webinar

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