Individual Service Funds (ISFs)

Individual Service Funds (ISFs) have had a positive impact on people's lives.

Author: Animate

Learning from Inclusion's 18 Years of Practice

Inclusion were the first pioneers in the use of Individual Service Funds (ISFs) back in 1996, as part of its work to help people leaving Lennox Castle Hospital and begin real community lives. This important piece of independent research by Animate demonstrates how successful Inclusion have been in offering people flexible support, instead of institutionalisation.

Unfortunately, 18 years after their development, too few people know about Individual Service Funds, often referred to as ISFs, or the kind of flexible support that organisations like Inclusion can offer. Increasingly Inclusion have found that they can offer disabled people or families a much better balance - a high degree of control, without the excessive costs or burdens of managing direct payments. 

Hopefully this report will help people see what is possible and it will encourage commissioners and service providers to work more flexibly in the future.

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Paper | 03.06.14

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