John O'Brien


John learns about building more just and inclusive communities from people with disabilities, their families, and their allies. He uses what he learns to advise people with disabilities and their families, advocacy groups, service providers, and governments and to spread the news among people interested in change by writing and through workshops.

John is particularly interested in learning with people who are developing the supports necessary for people with substantial needs for assistance to actively exercise their citizenship by taking valued roles in community life. This has led him to think and write about the design of self-directed services, person-centered supports and plans, customized assistance to employment, the contribution of direct support workers, partnership with families, and Asset Based Community Development. 

He works in partnership with Connie Lyle O’Brien and a group of friends. 

He is affiliated with the Center on Human Policy, Law & Disability at Syracuse University in the US and the Marsha Forest Centre in Canada. 

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