Complex Needs Learning History

Author: John O'Brien

The path towards personalised or individualised support and away from institutional services remains too little trod. It is therefore immensely valuable to bring together the collective wisdom of some of the international pioneers of these approaches.

John O'Brien's paper captures some of the multiple perspectives from Learning Institute supported by New York State and the New York State Association of Community and Residential Agencies at a series of events in 2016. Content included perspectives from:

Not only were these leading practitioners able to share perspectives they were also able to engage in a dialogue about the challenging times that so many now face. Not only the economic restrictions that come with austerity, but also the controls and regulation which starts to exclude meaningful dialogue and creativity.

Despite these challenges the Institute also stands as testimony to the important progress that has been made in the USA and these lessons will ring true for many in other countries also.

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The publisher is John O'Brien.

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Paper | 20.04.17

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