Real Devolution for Yorkshire

Author: Philip Hardstone

Philip is the Secretary of the newly formed Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament.

The Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament is about the kind of Yorkshire we want for our children, grandchildren and future generations and not just about simply transferring powers from Westminster. A Parliament is simply the means to an end, it is just the beginning.

We want a Yorkshire that is full of hope and opportunity for its people.

We want a Parliament:

This kind of Yorkshire, a more prosperous and effective Yorkshire, can be only good for the rest of the United Kingdom.

We agree with the majority of our council leaders who want a ‘One Yorkshire’ deal for our county but we don’t believe that the current model under consideration for ‘One Yorkshire’ will deliver what’s needed.

Yorkshire has a diverse landscape and community, only a Parliament can offer fair representation and speak with one united voice for the needs and aspirations of the people living in every city, town, village, estate and hamlet that make up our wonderful county.

Only a Parliament can offer real devolution for Yorkshire

The Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament is a new group. Our inaugural meeting was only in early November, but we are a determined group, with already support from individuals across the political spectrum.

To find out more, please visit our website and pledge your support.

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Article | 19.12.18

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