Jason's Story

What do we hope for our children and could Yorkshire take back control of its own destiny?

Author: Philip Hardstone

Jason is normally a quiet, sensitive, and well-behaved lad.

His parents were quite shaken when they received a phone call from the Police Station telling them that they had arrested Jason, he had been caught stealing a pair of designer trainers from a shop in town. The Police had also found a small amount cannabis in his jacket pocket.

Once home, Jason's parents sat Jason down to discuss with him what had happened. Jason burst into tears has he told his parents how he had shared a spliff with a group of other lads he had met. He was jealous of the designer trainers that one of the lads was wearing, he knew that his own parents could not afford to buy a similar pair for him, so had decided to try steal them instead. All he had wanted was to fit in, he cried out. 

Typical of most Yorkshire folk, Jason’s parents are honest, shrewd, and hardworking. They naturally want the absolute best for their son, they felt at a loss by what had happened that afternoon but soon realised that they are not alone in this kind of thing, there are lots of parents with similar or worse experiences. The question was what to do to make things better.

That night, Jason's parents laid awake soul searching what was the best thing to do for Jason. Still at their wits-end the following morning they decided to seek the wisdom of Jason's Grandparents.

It was Jason's Granddad, an ex-miner and typically blunt Yorkshireman that told them

“You can do your absolute best for Jason at home but cannot go on protecting him from the influences of the outside world.

I would not want Jason to have the life that I had, slaving in the bowels of the earth to earn a living to feed my kids. But today's, youngsters are being put under a different and much worse kind pressure. They are being led to believe that material positions mean everything, value their latest gadgets, designer clothes and expensive holidays often above those things that really matter. Their lives have become meaningless."

He went on to blame globalization and influence of multi-nationals as the root cause in these changes in values. Jason then spoke up: 

"you are right, Granddad, I am fed up with that kind of thinking, look where it has got me. I am more concerned about the environment and destruction of our ecological system. I love Yorkshire and living in Yorkshire. It is the best place in the world, even when it is cold. But Granddad, there is little hope, you know how Yorkshire has been left to rot, whichever government has been in power. Why do we always have to leave it to the Government or big business to decide what is best for us anyway? Why can't we decide for ourselves?” 

Jason and his Granddad were at one on this question.

The publisher is Citizen Network Research. Jason's Story © Philip Hardstone 2022.

Story | 28.06.22

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Philip Hardstone


Coordinator of Democratic Yorkshire

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