Exploring the Strength of Community

The key to promoting wellbeing for all citizens lies in citizen action and neighbourhood democracy.

Authors: Liz Leach Murphy and Sarah Holmes

Imagineer is an organisation that has been working for many years at the meeting point between citizens, communities and government. It is clear from their work that the potential for positive change in our communities is very real. Yet a range of systemic blocks hold us back.

In this paper the authors build on their practical experiences to explore how a strengths based approach to wellbeing could transform the quality of our community life. Disabled people and families show us the power of self-direction and building on the assets in our communities. Now is the time to radically rethink the role of public services and to shift power to citizens and local neighbourhoods.

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The publisher is the Centre for Welfare Reform.

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Paper | 16.09.20

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Liz Leach Murphy


Founder and Managing Director of Imagineer

Sarah Holmes


Freelance Health & Social Care Consultant

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