DCWW Lithuania: COVID-19 Challenge

What is the mission of a social worker in this situation? Jaunuolių dienos centras (JDC) in Lithuania share inspiring their work in the first Day Centres Without Walls webinar.

COVID-19 is challenging everyone: we are staying at home and we are missing our everyday routine.

It is an especially difficult time for people with intellectual disabilities. People are isolated at home or in a group home and do not have the opportunity to be engaged in their favourite activities.

What is the mission of a social worker in this situation?

In this webinar a group of social workers from Jaunuolių dienos centras (JDC) share their experience and ideas on how to make this period more efficient and more fun for everyone.

Speakers: Jolita Kavaliauskiene • Ieva Kaupaite • Dovilė Sedleckiene • Virmanta Kvedariene • Lina Trebiene

Moderator: Simon Duffy

Presentation 1 - Don't sit on the sofa, move!

Presentation 2 - Let's learn

Presentation 3 - Celebrating during COVID-19

Presentation 4 - Being part of an international movement

Presentation 5 - Advantages and disadvantages

At the beginning of the webinar Lina plays a film to show people the beautiful country of Lithuania. This has been removed from the recording for copyright reasons, but you can still see the film below:

This webinar was hosted by Citizen Network and is part of the Day Centres Without Walls Project co-funded by Erasmus+ and IKY.

The webinar was recorded on 30th April 2020.

Webinar | 28.04.20

Inclusion, Peer Support, England, France, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Scotland, Webinar

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