Celebrating Day Centres Without Walls

Jaunuolių Dienos Centras (JDC) hosted a conference in Lithuania sharing work and learning from partners in the Day Centres Without Walls project.

During this conference in Lithuania with Jaunuolių Dienos Centras and colleagues, including partners from the Day Centres Without Walls project, we heard from the following projects:

An introduction (in Lithuanian) to the Day Centres Without Walls project by Jaunuolių Cienos Centras:

Inclusion and Employment in Slovenia:

Solidarity Coffee - Challenges and Discoveries:

I Choose to Work - Sandra has intellectual disabilities and works in a hotel. Sandra thinks more people with intellectual disabilities should get the same chances as her:

Lina Trebienė of Jaunuolių Dienos Centras explores the role of the European e-learning platform for adult education professionals (EPALE):

This in person and online conference was hosted by Jaunuolių dienos centras and is part of the Day Centres Without Walls Project co-funded by Erasmus+ and IKY.

The conference was recorded on 17th September 2021.

Webinar | 04.11.21

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