UBI: A Psychological Impact Assessment

Authors: Dr Vanessa Griffin, Dr Sally Zlotowitz, Emily McLoughlin and Prof Carolyn Kagan

This is an important report which sets out the case for Universal Basic Income (UBI) from the perspective of psychologists.

There are long-standing concerns that a welfare system that stigmatises, controls and yet often provides only inadequate income, is causing mental harm to ordinary people. The recent austerity policies seem to have made this problem worse and seem to be causing mental distress and increasing rates of suicide. Here a group of leading psychologists explore the case as a way of reducing mental ill health.

The authors conclude that there is a powerful case for considering UBI as a positive way forward for a modern welfare state.

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The publishers are Psychologists for Social Change.

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Paper | 20.04.17

Basic Income, mental health, tax and benefits, England, Scotland, Paper

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