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Research shows why basic income will have very positive health impacts & why welfare conditionality is harmful.

Author: Anna-Carin Fagerlind Ståhl

Anna-Carin Fagerlind Ståhl is a Swedish occupational health researcher. In this important paper she explains why existing health research already demonstrates why basic income is likely to have very positive health impacts and why the current trend towards imposing harsher regimes of control on people not in work is certainly going to be harmful.

Decades of occupational health data already offers us an explanatory for why good work is good for our health and bad work is bad for our health. To be beneficial to our health work must:

Clearly this also offers a helpful model for understanding why many forms of work are bad for our health and also why current models of welfare reform - which focus on pushing people into poverty or inappropriate work - are also damaging to health. As Anna-Carin Fagerlind Ståhl argues, demonstrate that there is already compelling evidence for the health benefits of basic income, without any further piloting.

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The publisher is the Centre for Welfare Reform.

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Paper | 04.02.19

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Anna-Carin Fagerlind Ståhl


Psychologist, PhD, work environment researcher

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