Mapping for Citizen Action

Community Development Halton led a webinar on strategies for mapping to support community development.

Hosts: Rishia Burke and Simon Duffy

Citizens are people who can say “I belong to this place and it's people and I am willing to act from responsibility for my belonging.”

John O'Brien

Maps can be powerful. They can tell a story, sharing information on those things that represent challenges, social injustices, and system issues. Maps can also shine a light on what is strong, those things that help us build community. On 20th September Citizen Network, in partnership with Community Development Halton hosted a global webinar on mapping for citizen action.

You can watch the presentation part of the webinar here:

The group then had a chance to think about a number of questions and offered a range of answers:

1. Purpose

2. Challenges

3. Mapping tools


Apple Maps



Google Maps




OKN Data Portal

Open Street Map



Yeme Tech

4. Resourcing

Use smart phone technology

Piggyback on commercial system (e.g. Google Maps)

Partner with public bodies and Foundations

5. Reasons to work together

We will be developing a network to support ongoing learning on mapping for citizen action. Join Citizen Network to stay in touch and find out more.

Webinar | 20.09.23

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