Democracy in Sheffield

Reforming the way power operates in local government.

Jason Leman, Simon Duffy, Mark Gamsu and Joyce Bullivant have begun an exploration of how Sheffield could create a vibrant and democratic city of over half a million citizens. 

The process has been begun by hosting two events as part of the City's Festival of Debate

The first event was held on 17th May and there were presentations from:

Kate Faulkes of Barnsley Council explained how the Council were working differently to change their relationship with local communities:

Barnsley - doing things with our communities from Citizen Network

Ros Dawson explained how she and other local citizens set about creating the new town council of Bingley in order to bring leadership and development to their community:

Improving Local Democracy - Community Councils from Citizen Network

Jonny Douglas outlined some of the creative work social entrepreneurs and community activists were already doing in Sheffield and outlined how one local area - Sharrow - might be transformed.

Imagining a better Sheffield from Citizen Network

Joyce Bullivant explained how communities of interest - specifically the Heritage community - can be leaders in community change, but also how challenging this was if the Council did not listen.

Simon Duffy explained how powerless and undemocratic all local government in England has become and how we might raise our expectations about what is possible:

How can we transform local democracy in Sheffield? from Citizen Network

We are using #DemocracySheffield to gather resources on Twitter.

Project | 04.01.18

Neighbourhood Democracy, England, Project

Joyce Bullivant


Coordinator Timewalk project & community heritage promoter

Mark Gamsu


Freelance public health policy implementation expert

Simon Duffy


President of Citizen Network

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