Local Area Coordination Graphics

These infographics on Local Area Coordination were created by Ralph Broad, Simon Duffy and Eddie Bartnik to provide insight into the key functions and purpose of Local Area Coordination:

1. The current crisis-driven system:

2. Local Area Coordination as a form of prevention:

3. The system shift created by Local Area Coordination:

4. The process of Local Area Coordination:

5. Local Area Coordination as a means to advance citizenship:

Please note that the graphics integrated thinking from the long-history of local area coordination with other work with which it harmonises. The model of the seven keys to citizenship as an account of the good life was originally developed by Dr Simon Duffy. The model of real wealth as the means by which people build a good life was developed by Dr Pippa Murray. Ralph Broad is happy to discuss these ideas or answer other questions. Please contact him here.

The publisher is the Citizen Network Research.

Graphics on Local Area Coordination © Ralph Broad and Simon Duffy 2012, updated with Eddie Bartnik 2019.

All Rights Reserved. Please reference the authors and the publisher if you use them.

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Ralph Broad


Director of Inclusive Neighbourhoods, Local Area Coordination

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