I Already Have A Job

New research from the Chronic Illness Inclusion project on energy limiting chronic illness and work.

Energy Limiting Chronic Illness (ELCI), Social Inclusion, Employment and Social Security

Authors: Catherine Hale, Stef Benstead, Dr Kate Hardy and Dr Jo Ingold

Based on large scale quantitative and qualitative research, this report disrupts stereotypes and exposes the systemic failings that harm the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the UK. 

In its conclusion the report authors' recommend a series of evidence-based solutions for disability assessment, social inclusion and employment support.

The report is based on emancipatory disability research by the Chronic Illness Inclusion Project, part of the DRILL programme, supported by the Leeds University Business School, CERIC, LSSI, ESRC and published by the Centre for Welfare Reform.

Read and download the free pdf in your browser, link below.

The publisher is the Centre for Welfare Reform.

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Paper | 26.04.21

Chronic Illness Inclusion, disability, social care, England, Paper

Catherine Hale


Founder of Chronic Illness Inclusion Project

Stef Benstead


Research Consultant in disability and social security

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