Chronic Illness Inclusion Project (CIIP)

Developing self-advocacy for people with chronic illness.

This research project, which has been supported by the lottery funded DRILL project, aims to explore:

  • How do people with chronic illness interpret the social model of disability?
  • What does independent living mean for people who are excluded from participation due to severe illness?
  • Can we mobilise the online chronic illness movement into a public platform for better representation and influence?
  • What are the priorities of people with chronic illness for social change?
  • What are the possibilities and obstacles for people with chronic illness to participate in disability rights movements?

Visit the website to read more about the research at:

Check out the resources in our library here.

Project | 14.05.17

disability, health & healthcare, Inclusion, England, Project

Catherine Hale


Founder of Chronic Illness Inclusion Project

Stef Benstead


Research Consultant in disability and social security

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