European Guide on Personal Budgets

The UNIC Project guide to EU countries for Long Term Care and Support based on human rights.

Author: Simon Duffy

This report was developed by the author with the support of the whole team at UNIC and with comments and suggestions by the independent Advisory Board. 

The report describes best practice in the emerging innovation of Personal Budgets and draws upon a wide variety of research and experience, particularly from outside the European Union. 

There is still much to learn and the report does not aim to define or dictate good practice. However we hope that this synthesis of the lessons from the implementation of Personal Budgets will provide a good road map for the future. 

Like all maps it cannot substitute for the thoughtful implementation of Personal Budgets in partnership with the people who need Long Term Care and Support. Local context, opportunities and needs will always be important. But we hope it offers a framework that will help public authorities make the most of the opportunity to genuinely respect human rights in the development of future reforms.

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The publisher is the UNIC Project EU. EU Roadmap for user-centred funding for long-term care and support © UNIC Project 2021.


Paper | 03.03.22

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Simon Duffy


President of Citizen Network

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