Zigmond on CQC and Regulation

David Zigmond is interviewed by Simon Duffy about the conflict he had with CQC and the negative impact of the wrong kind of regulation on healthcare.

Dr David Zigmond served in the NHS from 1969 as a GP and psychiatrist. His long career as a practitioner, writer and teacher was consistently highly regarded. Yet in the last decade he found many healthcare reforms to be problematic: in particular systems to industrialise and corporatise that become increasingly inimical to our best personal care.

In 2016 he attempted to explain to inspectors of the Care Quality Commission how their methods were often stymying their mission: that regulations were becoming often so dense and rigidly institutional as to become obstructive to intelligent care, and then unworkable. His practice was immediately deemed ‘seriously inadequate’ and closed by emergency order.

He is now committed to reestablishing our human sense and scale in such ever-larger and more systematised welfare services. This interview with Simon Duffy of the Central for Welfare Reform is part of this work.

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