Health Care Services in Crisis

Three senior NHS consultants explain that the NHS crisis is about its culture and organisation not just money.

Authors: Dr Arun Baksi, Mr Amit Sinha and Professor Parag Singhal

Three leading consultants in the NHS have come together to shine a light on the growing crisis inside the NHS. As they make clear this crisis will not be solved by more privatisation, more centralisation and more fruitless reorganisation. It is time to go back to first principles and build on the enduring strengths of the NHS.

They set out 8 key strategies for genuine reform of the NHS:

1. End the ideologically driven reorganisations of the NHS

2. Recognise the real points of failure in the current system

3. Focus on improving morale across the whole workforce

4. Tell people the costs of NHS care at every point

5. Reorganise the system to achieve integration and decentralisation

6. Make social care free, like NHS care

7. Introduce regular productivity reviews across all NHS services

8. Establish a new settlement for the NHS and social care

Money is important, but money is not enough. Allies of the NHS need to understand that we also need to start to get a better vision for the NHS, much more closely connected to community, part of a more holistic approach to health, care and justice and a place where staff and citizens feel more at home. 

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The publisher is Citizen Network Research. Healthcare Services in Crisis © Arun Baksi, Amit Sinha and Parag Singhal 2023.


Paper | 14.04.23

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