Women Centred Solutions

Women Centred Working has been established to share information on women centred approaches for women with complex needs.

Authors: Nicola Carroll and Carol Grant

This report sets out many powerful examples of how women centred working can deliver solutions for women which are safe, tailored, empowering, outcome focused and cost-effective. The long term benefits are huge - for women, their children and families, for future generations and for whole communities.

Vulnerable women can be caught in a complex web of inter-related problems such as domestic violence, homelessness, substance misuse, poor mental and physical health and offending behaviour.

While existing services can be costly and ineffective, what has come to be known as the women centred way of working can get to root causes of difficult issues by integrating services around each woman's specific needs.

Community based projects around the country have been delivering specially tailored support for decades to women who are dealing with severe and multiple problems. 

Showcasing Women Centred Solutions demonstrates the principles of women centred working in action, and the benefits it can bring.

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Paper | 20.10.14

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