Support Buddies - Peer Support Works

Author: Kelly Hicks, with Clare Hyde

Peer Support is one of the most powerful forms of support around. The Personalisation Forum Group, winners of the Great British Care Awards People First category have published an account of their powerful approach. Support Buddies is a simple but effective system for getting and giving support. It keeps people safe, out of crisis and increases confidence and recovery. It has a power that professional services can rarely mimic.

The report has been written by the group's facilitator and Adult Social Worker of the Year, Kelly Hicks.

NB. The group have recently changed their name to better describe what they are about and are now known as the People Focussed Group (PFG Doncaster).

The publishers are the Personalisation Forum Group and SMART Social Work Practice.

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Paper | 01.02.12

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Karen Senior


Member of The People Focused Group

Kelly Hicks


Founder of PFG Doncaster

Vinny Cowling


Advocate of peer support and Chair of the People Focussed Group (PFG)

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