A New Reablement Journey

Authors: Jenny Pitts, Helen Sanderson, Amy Webster and Louise Skelhorn

A New Reablement Journey describes a very different way of maximising independence, seeing it as something that should underpin everything we do, not confined to age or disability, or to the first few weeks of a person receiving support. Reablement is about community connections, relationships, work or contribution and leading as fulfilling a life as possible.

A New Reablement Journey suggests that more can be achieved with the resources available but this requires thinking and working in a different way. It argues that we need to rethink the whole way that we define, structure and offer reablement, integrating it with self-directed support rather than bolting them together. Reablement is seen as a process to achieve short-term outcomes related to independence and as such, the report argues, should be offered to any person using social care support.

As Terry Lynch says: "Rehabilitation is not only for the young"

Using the example of ‘Nellie’, the report takes a person centred perspective of how services could work differently, supporting Nellie to re-connect with friends and community, exercise choice in how she is supported, regain confidence and lead a fulfilling life after her stay in hospital.

The publisher is Ambrey Associates.

A New Reablement Journey © Ambrey Associates and Helen Sanderson Associates 2011.

All Rights Reserved.


Paper | 30.11.07

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