Stigma and Poverty: The Shame Game

Mary O'Hara, in conversation with Simon Duffy, discusses her book The Shame Game sharing the perspectives of people who are living with the reality of poverty, and the toxic public policy narrative on poverty.

Mary O’Hara is an award winning journalist, author and producer. She works across a range of publications and platforms including The Guardian. Mary is author of the best-selling book Austerity Bites: A Journey to the Sharp End of Cuts in the UK (Policy Press, 2014) and The Shame Game: Overturning the toxic poverty narrative, (Policy Press, February 2020) and has been a contributor to numerous other books including The Violence of Austerity (Verso, 2018) and Council Skies (2019). Mary is also the founder of the multi-platform anti-poverty storytelling initiative, Project Twist-It (2018-ongoing), for which she has produced and directed multiple films, audio, events and podcasts with artists, writers and performers.

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The event was recorded on 3rd December 2020.

Webinar | 14.12.20

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Simon Duffy


President of Citizen Network

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