Self-Directed Support Graphics in Italian

Infographics on self-directed support translated into Italian developed for the SDS Network.

The infographics on self-directed support were created by Simon Duffy and translated into Italian by Anffas.

1. The Professional Gift and Citizenship models of support:

2. Self-directed support and human rights:

3 Self-directed support as a seven-step process:

4. Resource allocation in self-directed support

5. Maslow's hierarchy of needs:

6. Real Wealth model of human capacity:

7. Self-directed support and push economics:

8. The purpose of citizenship:

9. The structure of citizenship:

10. Outcomes from 2006 pilot on self-directed support:

11. Data on scope of personalised support:

12. Seven Keys to Citizenship:

13. Principles to design systems of self-directed support:

14. Self-directed support in its broad context:

15. Terminology associated with self-directed support:

16. The corruption of the innovation curve:

The publisher is the Citizen Network Research.

Graphics on Self-Directed Support in Italian © Simon Duffy 2012-2020

All Rights Reserved. Please reference the authors and the publisher if you use them.

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