Ross: It's My Life

iDirect support William to live his own life in his community.

My name is Ross. I am a 22-year-old with a diagnosis of Klinefelter syndrome, Autism, and epilepsy. I live with my mum and hope to have my own forever home. 

Since being supported by iDirect, my world has gotten bigger. iDirect provides five days of support a week. I have tried many new activities. I love to go to the Gym. I enjoy attending the idirect parties, especially for the bouncy castle and food. Some may say I am a food connoisseur! 

People who know me well can see a positive change in my life. I feel more motivated and want to get up and go out and do the activities I choose. I have control of my life and feel empowered by the people around me.

The film was produced by Opus Independents and iDirect.

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Film | 26.01.24

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Vinesh Kumar


Founder of iDirect Independent Living

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