Map of ISFs in England

A map showing progress on Individual Service Funds (ISFs) in England.

This map tells you about the progress and availability of Individual Service Funds (ISFs) in England.

What is an Individual Service Fund?

More and more Local Authorities are starting to offer personal budgets through Individual Service Funds (ISFs).

What makes a GOOD Individual Service Fund?

Chris Watson of Self Directed Futures, in partnership with Citizen Network Research and Citizen Network has developed a self-assessment tool which is designed to explore how “real" an ISF is, relative to the key principles of: 

The self-assessment takes around 10 minutes to complete and you will receive a summary of your response via email. 

By completing the self-assessment you are also helping us to understand wider progress with Self Directed Support around England and, where necessary, to lobby for change. 

Please feel free to copy this link and share via social media, newsletters, email or onto your own website. 

All views are welcome click here to go to the self-assessment

The latest data on the development of ISFs is below:

Map | 29.05.19

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Chris Watson


Founder of Self Directed Futures

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