Influences and Consequences

In the conclusion to the Preventable Harm Project Mo Stewart shows how US companies and right-wing ideology have savaged the lives of disabled people.

Author: Mo Stewart

The Conclusion to the Preventable Harm Project 2009-2019

Mo Stewart has been one of the most important disability studies researchers in recent times. She has been leading the research into the malign influences that have created the human catastrophe of welfare reform with her Preventable Harm Project, which she has conducted for an impressive ten years, gaining a great deal of academic interest and endorsements as she exposed the realities of the ongoing reforms to the disabled community. Visit her website to explore more of her work here:

Influences and Consequences is the final project report which highlights the American corporate influence with UK welfare reforms, on route to the planned demolition of the welfare state and Mo’s book, Cash Not Care, provides the detailed survey of these changes and the reasons behind them.

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The publisher is the Centre for Welfare Reform.

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Paper | 27.11.19

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Mo Stewart


Independent Disability Studies Researcher

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