Mo Stewart

Independent Disability Studies Researcher

Mo Stewart is a former healthcare professional originally trained in the NHS, and she’s also a disabled veteran of the Women’s Royal Air Force medical branch. Since 2009 Mo has worked as an independent disability studies researcher, exposing the influence of corporate America since 1992 with the future reforms of the British social security system, on route to the eventual demolition of the UK welfare state.

Mo provides powerful evidence of the long-standing assault on disability rights that has been supported by insurance companies, academics who provide policy based research and right-leaning politicians. Her research has been cited during debates in the House of Lords, the House of Commons and in Westminster Hall. She continues to share all research evidence with academics, medical and healthcare professionals, frontline national charities, selected politicians and service-users.

Mo’s earlier work was published by the Centre for Disability Studies at Leeds University, and has been routinely reproduced online by ResearchGate since 2014. Most recently, Mo has been invited to speak at academic seminars and to contribute a chapter to various books celebrating the value of disabled people engaging with activism. Mo’s book Cash Not Care: the planned demolition of the UK welfare state was published in September 2016, following seven years of study, and has attracted widespread critical acclaim.

More of Mo’s research is available via her website:

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