Commissioning and Community Sourcing

Written by Chris Howells and Chris Yapp this publication shows commissioners how they can break free from damaging assumptions.

Authors: Chris Howells and Chris Yapp

In this report, the authors describe how UK commissioning has been trapped by the wrong interpretation of EU procurement law and an unimaginative approach to understanding the role of local government and the NHS.

It is not by making contracts bigger, privatising services or by increased regulation or contractual control that we'll strengthen our communities or revitalise public services. 

We need to refocus attention on the real strengths and capacities of our communities and create a mutually supportive framework linking statutory services and communities.

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The publisher is The Centre for Welfare Reform.

Commissioning and Community Sourcing © Chris Howells and Chris Yapp 2013.

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Paper | 30.07.13

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