Charter to End Westminster Rule

A working Charter for democratic reform which aims to offer 10 radical and necessary changes to UK democracy.

We call on everyone who believes in open, tolerant and prosperous communities to join us in demanding a transfer of power from Westminster to the regions and nations of the UK in order to unleash the potential of our communities to grow and thrive.

Two centuries ago, the Chartist movement inspired millions of people to demand the vote and a voice in the affairs of the nation. Today, we have the vote but too often, our voice remains unheard. We must complete the work the Chartists began and insist that power be restored to where it rightfully belongs - with local people and communities. This will empower communities with the freedom to decide for themselves the best way to address their needs, from housing and planning, to health and education.

To this end, we set out the following demands:

  1. Empower people to establish regional parliaments, with equal powers, fair government funding according to their needs, and which reflect local identities
  2. Replace the House of Lords with an upper chamber of regions and nations
  3. Clarify the right of Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland to make amendments to their membership of the Union, including leaving if that is the settled wish of their people
  4. Decisions to be made and implemented at the appropriate level without having to consult a higher level
  5. Enable direct democracy at the truly local level allowing people a key say over the decisions and services that matter to them
  6. Use citizens’ assemblies to guide political decisions
  7. Break up media monopolies and establish a free, fair, and diverse media.
  8. Introduce proportional representation for all elections, outlaw corporate lobbying and impose strict limits on party funding
  9. A new Bill of Rights shall include economic and social rights
  10. Entrench the above demands in a modern written constitution, designed by and for the people, to which every elected government is subject

This charter was last updated on 21st January 2022 and is still in development. Gavin Barker would welcome your suggestions for improvement, clarification or simplification.

Inspiration | 13.01.22

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Gavin Barker


Constitutional Reform Lead

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