The Problem with Quality of Life

Disability strategy should be built around an ambitious vision for deinstitutionalisation and citizenship for all.

Author: Simon Duffy

Progress has been made on the journey towards human rights and citizenship for people with disabilities. Large institutions are now seen as unacceptable, human right standards have been defined by the United Nations and accepted by many nation states. There have been innovations in support, personalisation, self-direction and independent living. However, it is also clear that there are different ideas about where this journey should take us.

This paper is a reflection on the EURECO Forum in March 2022, where academics and professionals discussed the concept of Quality of Life. It share several concerns:

This is not to suggest that the conference was anything other than a positive effort to assess where we currently stand and the challenges ahead. However we must be cautious because there are still too many threats to the rights of people with disabilities.

We need to create a bold vision of equal citizenship for all and move beyond standards that are still set too low.

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Paper | 15.09.23

Deinstitutionalisation, Inclusion, Need for Roots, Person-Centred Planning, Self-Directed Support, social care, social justice, England, Scotland, Paper

Simon Duffy


President of Citizen Network

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