The Need for Roots

A series highlighting ideas and practices that intentionally seek to co-create a world where everyone matters.

The Need for Roots series is intended to engage people in sharing ideas and gifts, focusing our energy and broadening our reach within the context of building inclusive communities. 

The series was hosted by Carol Blessing for Citizen Network North America. 

They write:

We recognize that the work of authentic inclusion is rooted by embracing and celebrating our shared humanity – the source of which grounds us soulfully in love, acceptance and mutual respect. One important, overarching theme for our series is to highlight ideas, approaches and practices that intentionally seek to co-create a world where everyone matters. We work to shift the balance of power so that it sits with its rightful owner.

Contributing, listening and participating in the speaker series allows us to learn from one another, to seek out and elevate the voices of people telling their own stories of change, resilience or resistance.

You can watch the recordings below.

In the first session in June 2022, Simon Duffy spoke about Citizenship

In the second session in July 2022, Robyn Chappell and Rita Brewis spoke about Co-production

In the third session in August 2022, Carol Blessing spoke about Citizen-Centered Leadership

In the fourth session in September 2022 Chris Liuzzo spoke about Shared Living

Participants in the fifth session, also held in September 2022, were shown a documentary film: Valuing Lives - Wolf Wolfensberger and the Principle of Normalization. Jack Yates and Guy Anthony Caruso were our hosts. This event was not recorded.

In the sixth session in October 2022, Dave Duel spoke about Advocacy

Webinar | 05.09.22

Need for Roots, Canada, USA, Webinar

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