Sowing the Seeds of Stability

A proposal to use basic income as the system to support the income of farmers and farm workers.

The case for a basic income for farmers, farmworkers and food producers in the UK

Authors: Joanna Poulton, Jake Richardson, Kathleen Pollitt and Cleo Goodman

From the Executive Summary:

This report draws on four sessions with farmers and growers about their lived experience and research on basic income and the UK farming sector. It outlines the current challenges in UK farming, how a basic income could uniquely meet the needs of farmers and perhaps most importantly, lays out the key areas and big questions the work to date has highlighted that should form the basis of further work:

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The publisher is Autonomy. Sowing the Seeds of Stability © Joanna Poulton, Jak Richardson, Kathleen Pollitt and Cleo Goodman 2024.


Paper | 25.04.24

Basic Income, nature & economics, social justice, Sustainability, England, Ireland (Republic), Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Paper

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