Peer Support Around the World

Peer support is a transformative force for social change with many different forms.

We are all different, we’ve all got something to give and we all need each other.

The People Focused Group (PFG) Doncaster, Kukunori and Camerados got together during the Festival of Debate 2022 to try and answer these questions: 

and share how peer support is working in their communities, and could work in yours. 

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The event was recorded on 12 May 2022.

Webinar | 27.09.22

disability, Inclusion, It's Our Community, mental health, Peer Support, England, Webinar

Glyn Butcher


Member of PFG and Citizen Network Ambassador

Maff Potts


Founder, Association of Camerados

Markus Vähälä


CEO Citizen Network Coop

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