Glyn Butcher

Member of PFG and Citizen Network Ambassador

Glyn Butcher is the Citizen Network Peer Support Champion.

Mental Illness, is a strange paradox or term to Glyn. He chooses to see it as a gift; it enables him to see the world differently, problem solve differently. Glyn has a different consciousness that opens him up to new possibilities, new ways to dream, new ways to overcome the same problems other people experience.

Glyn spent over 25 years wasting his time seeing it as an illness, he was lost, lonely, stuck, negative and angry. His life changed when he found the People Focused Group (PFG) in Doncaster and experienced true peer support. He hasn't looked back.

Glyn is a member of PFG and a Peer Support Ambassador using his mental gift to question things and come at problems with a different perspective and create solutions, not more problems. 

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