Biopsychosocial Model or Bio-political Ideology?

Will people with Long-COVID escape the prejudices directed towards people with ME/CFS.

Medically unexplained symptoms, welfare reform and the implications for Long-COVID

Author: Joanne Hunt

There is a growing awareness of the epistemic injustice created by the application of the biopsychosocial model to myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). More people are starting to realise that the biopsychosocial model lacks empirical support, that its application to people with ME/CFS is without foundation and that its misuse has had a damaging impact on the lives of many people.

But how has this happened?

This important paper examines the combination of academic, political and commercial factors that has created these entangled injustices. There has been a serious breakdown of integrity and the misuse of money, power and influence which has encouraged far too many people and organisations to distort evidence or to present stigmatising prejudices as facts.

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Below you will also find an appendix of letters and papers from many of those involved in the efforts to undermine the reality of ME/CFS and which are referenced in the paper.

The publisher is Citizen Network Research. Biopsychosocial Model or Bio-political Ideology? © Joanne Hunt 2022.


Paper | 08.11.22

Chronic Illness Inclusion, disability, health & healthcare, social justice, tax and benefits, England, Paper

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