Abbot's Mill Project

Jo Kidd describes the Abbot's Mill Project, an initiative that combines a commitment to sustainability and social justice.

Author: Jo Kidd

The mission of the Abbot’s Mill Project is to develop an urban hub of sustainability and social justice, powered solely by non-centralised, renewable energy, principally through re-instating a water wheel into the old mill race on the site of the former Abbot’s Mill (the seven-storey mill that once stood on St Radigund’s Street in the heart of the historic city of Canterbury in Kent). 

Jo Kidd summarises the ideas driving the project:

The new centre will be designed to be accessible to the whole community. We aim to involve and attract people who would not otherwise be involved in (or perhaps spend too much time thinking about) sustainability and social justice, as well as people who are already keen enthusiasts and want to learn more.

Education will be the focus of the centre. We will organise tours, courses and workshops for the general public, tourists, schools, environmentalists and local groups. Our education programme will be inclusive and accessible for people of all abilities. We will also develop personalised training courses, work placements and apprenticeships (as well as employment and supported employment) for people disadvantaged in the labour market, including people with learning difficulties.

As a social and community enterprise and Community Interest Company it is our aim to work in partnership with local residents and community groups. We want to ensure that local people and business are involved and taking a lead. We will employ people from within the local community (i.e. Canterbury) wherever we can. We also aim to use local (within Kent) contractors and suppliers wherever possible throughout the build and once the project is up and running.

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