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People Based Development

How do we make sure we are focusing on the right things? 

We recognise many systems are broken, but when communities are trying to break free from traditional ways of making things happen, how do we maintain focus and create positive change?

We recognise that to help people create connected positive communities, we need to start with who we are and what we are trying to achieve.

Many attempts to facilitate sustainable change are vulnerable for many reasons:

  • We don’t always reflect on what holds back our thinking personally before taking action to tackle wider community concerns.
  • We are vulnerable to plans and programmes “drifting” losing direction, or being replaced.
  • Traditional power structures can limit the effect of how far change goes.

People Based Development is a project which is grounded in years of community development - from within. Since the 1980s, long before mindfulness was part of our language, this approach has supported inner reflection and focus.

It helps people build on their community assets and works to create facilitators from within the community, this creates sustainability and keeps local control over the power and direction of development. It has a discipline which has allowed for large scale transformation of people’s lives, even in situations where change was felt to be impossible due to extreme poverty and cultural barriers. We are taking this approach to the UK and developing the language and techniques for our cultures and challenges. 

We are looking to connect to collaborators to help create that sustainable shift so many of us are working towards.

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