Mi Casa and Citizen Network

Citizen Network & Plena Inclusión are working together to advance deinstitutionalisation & citizenship for all.

News | 07.03.23

Spain is in the middle of an exciting and challenging deinstitutionalisation programme for people with disabilities, older people, children and people who are homeless. This is an ambitious and exciting programme which rightly defines the work of deinstitutionalisation very broadly.

Citizen Network has just started work with its partner Plena Inclusión to support its contribution to this programme - Mi Casa - my home. 

Mi Casa is a social innovation project (2022-2024) that aims to offer a new way of life for thousands of people with intellectual disabilities, autism and cerebral palsy—a life in which they can interact with their neighbours, go to the shops, enjoy their leisure… In short, a life in community.

In the past people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have been forced to live in large residential units and have not had the opportunity to live in apartments or houses in the community. This often makes it more difficult for people to form new relationships and to make friends. 

Mi Casa is not just a short-term project. The goal is to develop a new way of working which will extends across Spain. The project will:

The Mi Casa model is being implemented now and will be tested and improved over time. Citizen Network will provide ongoing support, not only providing expertise from outside Spain, but also helping to share the Mi Casa experience with people across the Spanish and non-Spanish-speaking world. The international team of experts supporting Mi Casa includes:

Markus Vähälä who will be coordinating Citizen Network's support to Mi Casa said:

“We are delighted to work with Plena Inclusión and its partners in Spain to establish a journey towards a world where everyone matters. Mi Casa brings together hundreds of people to creating more inclusive communities for thousands more. At the same time it provides an opportunity to grow skills and competence in improving the transformation from institutionalised care towards a home that offers life, connections, possibilities and belonging.

“The Citizen Network team will help build connections inside and outside Spain, provide skills, reflection and support to build a sustainable future for the movement. Together, as a global movement Citizen Network invites all of us to think how we can support, learn and cooperate in the best way possible with everyone in this huge endeavour. There is a lot of passion and talent in the Mi Casa team and we invite you to join in the action; we need you!”

You can find out more about the Mi Casa project here:


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