Neighbourhood Democracy: Building Community in Spain

Plena Inclusión, working with a wide range of allies in Spain, have developed an exciting approach to building community. The COVID-19 crisis has led to a radically new approach where people with disabilities and their allies are encouraged to reach out, find their neighbours, share their gifts and build community.

The model encourages people to develop and test different tools to help build community and a groups come together to find out what worked and what can be improved.

The project has led to disability organisations working with other civil society allies and to think about the whole community rather than just one group. More information can found on their dedicated website:

This webinar was shared by the Neighbourhood Democracy project being developed by Citizen Network in partnership with the Centre for Welfare Reform, Compass and Deeper Democracy.

To find out more about the Neighbourhood Democracy Movement please visit:

The webinar was recorded on 17 June 2020.

Webinar | 18.06.20

Neighbourhood Democracy, Spain, Webinar

Ester Ortega


Coordinator of Citizen Network Spain